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New Unopened Agricola Expansion More Buildings Big and Small Board Game Wednesday comes from the Middle English Wednes dei, which is from Old English Wēdnes dæg, meaning the day of the Germanic god Woden who was a god of the Anglo-Saxons SEAQUEST_1975_used boardgame_Board Game_ships from AUS _xx6_3H
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It is a High Standard Flite king, made for Sears.

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J.C. Higgins shotguns were sold by Sears but made by different manufacturers. If, for example, it was one of the guns made by Stevens, that's the part to look for. If your loc Monopoly Wuppertal Sv Wsv Football Game Party Game Board Game
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it is definitely a Stevens as for the exact model # it will be difficult to determine since it is very slight differences over the years manufactured. Stevens Historian Th Wings of Glory - Game Mat - Countryside
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I am looking forthe same information. I have a Remington with a side hammer or lever. We always called it the side hammer gun. I hunted with it when I was a kid I am Know 60 y ( Full Answer )
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Duelosaur Island New Answer . \nA pre-1964 Winchester Model 63 in truly excellent condition would be worth $750-$950. It's all about condition. If you have the original box, add $100, or if it Dice of Wood - Brown - W6 - 16mm
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\n. \n Value of Winchester Model 62 \n. \nThe guide suggests $600 for a pre-war model or $350 for post-war in NRA Very Good condition. Deduct 15% if it is marked "62A". Gigamic Sarl color Pop Board Game color Pop. Pop til they drop
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Answer . \nBlue Book and Standard Catalog suggest $300 and $400 in Excellent (98% original finish) condition. It's worth about $200 as a "parts gun".
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Answer . \nThere are many variables on this one. First, Second, or Third Model. Standard or Deluxe. Casehardened or Blued. I'd suggest you find a copy of The Standard Catal Napoleon at Bay by Avalon Hill Napoleonic Board Wargame
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DC COMICS BATMAN DARP-ODCC112JL Justice League 2 Wheel Inline Scooter with Adj The 67/67A was not serialized. 383,000 were manufactured between 1934 and 1963.
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Answer . \nIf you look in a copy of the Blue Book of Gun Values, you will find 11 pages devoted to about 80 variations of the Model 70, 1964-current mfg. The serialization Freecell Electronic Handheld Game Works Great MGA 2000 Purple Free Cell
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I am not a dealer but have been to sites where guns were forsale that fit your gun type. 3 that I ran across ranged from $1,295 to $1,395. I have a 1898 model myself I am a g ( Full Answer )
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It would have been made between 1886 and 1916. You can find a fair amount of information about Stevens guns in Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms or The Standard ( Full Answer )
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Answer . Manufactured from 1907 to 1932. I'm pretty sure thay were not serialized. My guide says $200 in NRA Good condition.
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Answer . \nA model 1902 is valued at $60 with 10% original finish and $400 with 98% according to the Blue Book of Gun Values. Since these "boy's rifles" were usually well-u Sports Car - Car - 25x11x8mm - Red
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Triple Shot The Arcade Basketball Game - Hilco Games Answer . \nStevens guns were made at the plant in Chicopee Falls, Mass. Viral - Board Game - Dice Tower Essentials - NEW & SealedMadness At Midnight - Brand New & SealedBuffy the Vampire Slayer Chess Set - Best On Ebay - Very Rare Item ( Full Answer )
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Model types can change depending on the manufacture of the firearm. The question was originally placed in Western Field. Assuming this is who the gun was made by, it may have ( Full Answer )
Boxed Dinky No.343 Green & Yellow Farm Produce Wagon 1954-1960
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What is the value of a Savage Arms 24c-dl 20 gauge?

Answer .Real Models 1 43 1959 Ferrari Dino 246 Italian Grand Prix Cliff AllisonBBR Models 1 43 Scale Resin - BBR150B Ferrari Enzo 2002 YellowCorgi AA38303 Fokker Dr1 Triplane Jasta 6 Leutnant J. Janz Ltd Ed. 1700 of 1700 ( Full Answer )
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Red Line 1 43 Ferrari F360 Jean Alesi Race of Champion 2004 Set of 2 from Japan Answer . \nI just got one for $70, it is missing the front sight. Other than that it looks good.
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Stevens used the Riverside name from about 1920-1945. It was a brand name used by Stevens for Montgomery Wards and other retailers. They still made some exposed hammer guns at ( Full Answer )
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Plymouth Fury Congreenible, metallic turquoise white, 1 43, NeoSchuco - Volkswagen Combi T1b Set - 1 43Alfa Romeo 6C 2500S Berlinetta Touring 1939 Red CULT SCALE MODELS 1 18 CML055-1 ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find parts for a Riverside shotgun?

Riverside was manufactured by Stevens, so if you can identify the equivalent Stevens model, you should be able to find parts. Check with a local gunsmith.
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